Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jeff's Afternoon Adventure

Getting more fuel for the generator is not that easy.  First, Jeff and Jonathas loaded an empty tank on to Jonathas' moto.  Yes, at first the tank fell off.
Jonathas took the tank to a gas station on the Leogane Road, and then he came back to get Jeff.
When Jeff and Jonathas got back to the gas station, the tap tap Jonathas had called was already there and the tank, already in the back, was getting filled.  Money was changed from dollars to gourdes, Jeff paid, and then they all returned to the guesthouse.
It was a group project to get the full tank unloaded.

Understanding how the generator, aka the Delco, works with the inverters, and how much everything costs is part of our "charge" here as volunteers.  Jeff says it's just like doing an experiment in the lab - he's keeping data, reading manuals, and having fun. 
We take grid power for granted?!  Janet's dad says it's "a bargain at twice the price."

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  1. I knew Jeff would be the scientist for the job. It's Jeff Portzer the Leogane Science Guy.