Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happiness is ...

Kids clowning for us as we walk to town
  • walking all the way to the town center and back without getting lost, visiting places Janet knew before the earthquake
The clarin factory close by
  •  getting all three Haitian cell phones to work and charged with minutes (one has two SIM cards - Natcom AND Digicel!)
A building on the main town square not yet restored
  • cleaning every shower head clog, getting to use one of the wrenches we brought with us, and then enjoying the fuller flow
Electricite de Haiti in Leogane
  •  taking data on electricity usage, and collaborating with Richard, our day-time security man, on improvements
The river near the guesthouse
  • eating Yvette's amazing meals - including lots of fresh veggies and fruits and fabulous sauces

Loaded Sailboat - which way is it going?

  • meeting a Haitian UN worker at Hopital Ste. Croix who enjoyed talking politics

  • Cleaning up after an accident out in front of the guesthouse

  • talking back and forth to both our kids over the Internet

  • Pretty if not seaworthy?
    • improving our ability to speak and understand Kreyol, and getting kudos for our efforts from the guesthouse staff

    One of the many pretty wood houses in town

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