Sunday, October 20, 2013

A bit of paradise

On Kathy's recommendation, Jeff and I went to Ile a Vache this weekend.  It's really a bit of paradise, just off the southern coast of Haiti.  So this post will be mostly photos.
The hardest part was getting there.  We took a bus to Les Cayes from the Leogane bus station, and then a boat to the island.  Yes, it's the largest island off the south coast of Haiti on the bottom left of the map above, and no, it's not cow-shaped that we could tell. 
We got a "special delivery" to the island. 
Most everyone else was sailing, fishing we think.
Below - Unloading the boat.  You can also get to the island by helo.  You can guess why they rushed us over, to avoid any rough seas.
 Greeted with a rum punch, of course.
 It's the 57th best beach in the world, so they say (Check out CNN's list). 
The only cow-themed item we saw - a chair in our room.
Another shot of the beach.  The water was warm and clear and a beautiful pale blue.
Sunset the first night.
Sunset the second night.
The moon setting one morning.
The view from one of our hill climbs.
We stayed in of of those orange-roofed houses, right on the beach.
There was a cave along the beach along this peninsula.
Can you see it?  There's a photo from the inside on the Ile-a-Vache website.
One of the sights on the way to climbing the opposite hill - a handmade boat.
Took this photo for Sandey - thought she'd like the bridle.
View from the hilltop.
Lots of palms and blue sky.
This lake was a ways away, as was Port Morgan, where the pirate Henry Morgan is said to have stayed. 
Henry's ship??  For you, Jeremy.
We slipped and slid down the hill back to the bay as it had rained, creating an amazing double rainbow.
There are a few cows.
Never saw a set of horns like these.  They don't seem to dehorn cows in Haiti, at least not very often.
A weekend filled with amazing natural beauty.
It was fun to travel through a part of Haiti unaffected by the 2010 earthquake - we could really tell the difference as we traveled back into Leogane.


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