Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halfway There

Starting today, we're in the home stretch for our volunteer experience in Haiti.  Here's what we've done recently:
  • Framed one of the paintings that Bob and Claudia Lempp bought for us in Jakmel.  We're waiting for Michael Anello to return to Haiti to frame the other one - Michael's going to make us another stretcher over at the Building Goodness wood shop.
Jeff using the tacks we bought in the market on Monday
  • Hired and began coaching a new gardener.  His name is Junior and he speaks English, too.
Junior, removing move zèb or weeds
  • Worked with Loudie to do some fall cleaning.  Since we have no guests until the end of the week, we've wanted to find something for our staff to do.  We're lucky to be working with such delightful people.
Loudie, one of Jocelyne's daughters, who is filling in while Jocelyne is unwell
  • Fixed three broken receptacle covers after "shimming out" the receptacles.  Thanks, Bob and Claudia, for bringing us the supplies.

  • Worked on the accounting some more.  We're getting a good handle on the budget for the guesthouse and what it will take financially to run it in the future, cost per guest, things like that.
  • Continued to work on job aids for the next guesthouse manager.  Since we were writing about the septic system here, we went out beyond the fence to take a photo.  While we were there, we took this shot from the back of the guesthouse, looking east toward the mountains - so pretty without the chainlink fence which is forever in our view.

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  1. Glad to see Junior working out! Give him a hug for me. :)