Sunday, October 13, 2013

Most Exciting Day so Far!


What would make Sister Simone (left above) of Fondwa smile this broadly? 
Those of you who know her know that she's quite stoic.  But we saw more smiles today than any of us can remember. 
Because - the new Fondwa school is open, almost complete, and it's wonderful.  It's roomy, has windows with great views, with lots of new furniture, some of it still being delivered as we watched.

Here's another shot of Se. Simone with another  broad smile, in front of the new building.
A longer view - with one of the temporary buildings at the back left
Gorgeous wood doors (downstairs they are metal)
Lots of new furniture
Lots of room for lots of students, too - 3 stories of classrooms
Beautiful view from the third floor
Here's another smile from Se. Simone, with Kathy Walmer, FHM Executive Director
It's taken years of hard work, diligent fundraising, lots of patience, but it's here - providing schooling from over 600 Fondwa children, ages preschool through Philo and Reto - grades 12 and 13. 
Congrats to everyone who made it possible.  Seeing it finished and beautiful definitely made my day.
See some of the links below to watch the school getting built, including a video featuring the temporary school buildings:


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